Current Sawmill (above)

New sawmill, scheduled to be operational January 2017 (below)


Sawmilling has always been an interest of John and Jeff.  John learned the trade of lumber inspection from a previous employer, so the transaction was natural.


In 2009, Twin Forest Products built a saw mill in central Wisconsin.  A small operation at first, now is expanding.  In 2017, we will be putting into production, a state of the art facility capable of producing nearly 30,000 board feet in a shift.


Sawing hardwood logs into lumber has become second nature to John and Jeff.  A passion they take very seriously.  A drive through the log yard will tell you the level of pride they take in each log.  Straight rows of logs, sorted by length and species are stacked perfectly for efficient picking.  Then a view at the office greets you with paneling sawed in the very facility you are touring.  A stroll through the break room and you get to where the action is.


Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, Cleereman Inc. is the company chosen to build the sawmill equipment.  A 60" band head rig does the sawing, with the capacity to saw logs up to 48" diameter.  With the thin kerf technology and accuracy to one thousands of an inch, Twin Forest Products yields more from each log than their competitors, meaning more profit for the landowner.



Diversity is the key to success.  No one understands that better than John and Jeff.  In 2015, Twin Forest Products added a post peeling operation.


The Twins pride themselves in the high quality products.  To achieve that, they chose the Morbark PSP peeling system.  Capable of producing over 1,000 posts per day, Twin Forest Products is your best source for premium posts.  We can produce any length from 6’ post up to 22’ poles manufactured from slow growing northern Red Pine.  Posts are slightly tapered with a smooth finish for easy installation.

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