Twin Forest Products, LLC is responsible for the execution of all phases of the harvesting operation, from selection to stump to roadside transport. We comply with all federal, state, and local laws; industry standards; and guidelines applicable to the timber harvesting business and are fully insured.



For Landowners

We can offer payment before cutting begins.


Few people own woodlands because they want to cut trees. Timber harvesting, however, is one of the most important tools available to shape a wood land. Timber is cut to provide habitat needed for wildlife, control disease problems, open up vistas, make recreational trails, renew vigorous growth, and many other reasons including income. Landowners have a personal responsibility to protect themselves in any business dealings, and selling timber is no exception. Plan your harvest well, and get professional help from Twin Forest Products. For guidance on harvesting your forest see the overview below. It gives insight to the steps you should take in any timber transaction.


Listed below are the basic steps Twin Forest follows for timber transactions:

1. Determine Landowner needs and identify timber to be harvested

2. Appraise timber by determining volume and price of various species/products

3. Establish contract between Landowner and Twin Forest Products

4. Establish (paint) timber sale lines

5. Conduct pre-harvest plan with Buyer

6. Monitor timber harvesting for contract compliance and environmental issues.

7. Conduct final sale inspection to ensure landowner's objectives were met.


For Mills

With resources tight and vast tracts of land to manage it can be difficult to maintain your companies timber investment. All lands managed on a sustainable basis for the production of wood fiber, or a wide range of other forest products, require intelligent planning and a solid maintenance road map.


Twin Forest Products has the experience to help you prepare and execute that road map. We are proud of our long-standing reputation of responsible forest stewardship and our abilities to work with you to create plans to help maintain a healthy and profitable company asset.


Strategic planning utilizing sustainable forestry practices will help:

• Give a fixed cost to plan annual budgets

• Reduce risk from fire damage

• Promote growth by thinning non-essential trees

• Control disease

• Improve the public benefit offered by timberlands for recreational activities

• Ensure maximum utilization of timber to receive the highest yield and value

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